Our Values

CNTR Management Solutions
CNTR Management Solutions
CNTR Management Solutions

Results Oriented


No trials. Just what we’ve tested and we know that works

Quality Over Quantity


We provide an exclusive boutique approach to each and every client

Your business is our business. And we protect our own
CNTR Management Solutions
CNTR Management Solutions
CNTR Management Solutions

Lasting Relationships


If we don’t believe in you we will not work with you. We work in partnerships, we don't manage you. You won't have to manage us



Great ideas come from collective feedback.

And we listen

In everything we do

What's behind our logo

The Spiral (Speira) is an ancient symbol passed down several civilisations and found in different beliefs till this day. It is a symbol of Renaissance, Growth, and Transformation. By choosing the Speira as our logo’s individuality, we want to reflect our identity as a company. We want our clients to know what we stand for, while reflecting our passion, dedication and critical thinking in every project we commit to.


Spiral patterns are seen everywhere around us, they are existential symbols translating our work’s three basic phases. First assessment, second formation, third implementation, through a circle of achievement and success spiraling onto infinite growth and strength.


We offer our clients a journey starting at the CNTR of their needs, growing outwardly around their vision. It is the infinite progressive metamorphosis which the Speira represents

With our clients’ vision at the CNTR of our solutions we Consult, Navigate, Train and Restructure companies. Offering successful strategic management services, outsourced Human Resources and diverse tailor made training programs all at your doorstep.


Several companies witness success, yet their processes need to be revised and further developed due to stagnation and compromised competitive advantage and market share. This is where we come in, and provide you with the ability to focus on targeted performance, talent utilisation and cost management while working on your effective progression.


We understand the value and importance of your key assets; your Strategy, your people and your processes.


By developing such processes we allow our clients to achieve optimum growth, creating functional management layers that lead to profitability.

About us

cntr management solutions logo
cntr management solutions logo

Tab1 House

Carmen Mallia Street

San Gwann, SGN 2202



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